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Rules and Regulation Carson Community Center
  • All rental and damage deposits are due when reservations are made. The Community Center will be rented on a first come first serve basis. The rental deposit, 50% of total rental price, is required to reserve the Community Center. If an individual or organization requests a rental and no rental deposit has been made, no reservation for that individual or organization will be made and the date will remain open for other renters. The balance of the rental rate shall be paid when the rental contract is signed.

  • Reservations will be accepted up to one year in advance.

  • Civic groups that contribute to the community, local youth, and church groups will be required to sign the rental contract to use the Community Center, with no deposits or rental fees charged for their regular meetings or one day events . They will be required to clean up after their meetings and events and be responsible for any missing items or damage to the building or its contents during their reserved date.

  • The person requesting the use of the Community Center must be at least 21 years of age or older. A photo ID may be required by the Community Center Manager.

  • If the Community Hall, Break Off Room and Multi Purpose Room are rented on the same day by different parties, then the bathrooms and the parking lot will be shared.

  • The Community Center may be occupied after 7:00 a.m. and will be vacated by 1:00 a.m.

  • No Alcoholic beverages shall be brought into the Community Center. The American Legion Post #556 has the exclusive rights to operate the bar. The renter of the Community Center must contact the American Legion to request bar service.

  • The City of Carson and the American Legion Post #556 reserve the right to stop serving of alcoholic beverages and/or order the immediate termination of your rental agreement, if in the opinion of the City of Carson's mayor, city council members or employees or any of the American Legion Post #556 members, the conduct of the people in attendance at your event is disruptive, illegal, dangerous or constitutes a nuisance as defined in the City Code. No refund of your rental fee will be made to you, under these circumstances.

  • In renting the Community Building to you, the City has the right to control the management of it and the right to enforce all necessary and proper rules for its management and operation. The City through its authorized agents and employees may enter the premises, at any time and on any occasion.

  • The Pottawattamie County Sheriff's Department may be notified by the City of Carson for large events, and events where alcohol will be served. Sheriff's Department Deputies may enter the Community Center at any time to ensure the safety and welfare of the people within.

  • You agree that every person connected with your event shall comply with all of the laws of the United States and the State of Iowa , and all of the ordinances of the City of Carson and the rules and regulations of the City for the government and management of the Community Building .

  • If the Community Building, or any part of it, is destroyed or damaged by fire or by any other cause, or if any other casualty or unforeseen occurrence renders the fulfillment of this rental agreement by the City impossible, then the City shall not be held liable or responsible to you for any consequential damages.

  • Decorations shall not be attached to the structure of the Community Center. The renter must check with the Community Center manager for exceptions.

  • There shall be no rice, confetti, bubbles, silly string, glitter or birdseed allowed in the Community Center.

  • Tables and chairs are to stay inside the Community Center.

  • Smoking will not be permitted within the Community Center. Smoking is permitted in areas designed by the City Council only. You, as the renter, do not have the authority to change the designated smoking areas.

  • The City of Carson will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • No animals, except seeing eye or other therapy dogs, will be allowed in the Community Center.

  • All trash will be tied up and placed in the appropriate receptacle. Excessive trash incurring additional pickup charges will be billed to the individual or organization that signs the rental contract.

  • If the individual or organization that signs the rental contract does not abide by the rules set forth in the rental contract, the City of Carson may refuse that individual or organization any future rental requests.

  • The individual or organization renting the Community Center will complete a checklist for cleaning up the rented area after use.

  • The checklist in the above paragraph will be reviewed by a city representative with the renting party prior to occupancy. The renter and the city representative will sign the initial checklist and note any discrepancy in conditions.

  • The city representative will go over the checklist after each event to determine if the damage deposit may be refunded or if there has been excess damage or items missing exceeding the application of the damage deposit.

  • Any individual or organization signing the rental contract will be responsible for any missing or damaged items and will also be responsible for any damage done to the building during the date reserved. The cost will be deducted first from the damage deposit fee, and any damages in excess of the damage deposit fee will then have to be paid by the individual or organization.

  • No individual or organization will receive a key. City personnel or the Community Center manager will allow entry to any individual or organization.

  • In no event shall the occupancy limit of ______ people, as set by the Fire Marshall, be exceeded.

  • This agreement shall not be assigned nor shall you allow the premises or any part of the premises to be sublet.

  • If an event is a late evening rental the renter will have until 10:00 a.m. the next day to complete their clean up, under the discretion of the manager or manager's designee. If the clean up is not completed by 10:00 a.m. the renter will be charged a $100.00 fee which will be taken out of the damage deposit.