City of Carson

Regular City Council Meeting

October 12, 2009

Present:  Weuve, Pracht, Damgaard, Hendricks  Absent: Riddle, Mayor Taylor

Mayor Pro-Tem Damgaard called meeting to order at 7:30 PM.

Mayor Pro-Tem Damgaard called the Public Hearing to order regarding Application to FY 2010 CDBG-Water/Sewer Program.  Public was present. 

MJ Broomfield of Southwest Iowa Planning Council was present to discuss the application to CDBG for funding of the E-Coli Disinfection improvements at the Sewer Plant per Department of Natural Resources orders.  Total Project Cost estimate is $500,000.  The City is applying for $300,000 state CDBG Grant, and will fund the other $200,000 locally. 

Hendricks made a motion to close the hearing at 7:34 PM, seconded by Weuve, 4 ayes.

Hendricks made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Pracht – 4 ayes. 

Hendricks made a motion to approve the application to CDBG for Sewer Plant E-coli Disinfection improvements, seconded by Weuve – 4 ayes. 

MJ Broomfield reviewed the City’s Community Development & Housing Needs Assessment with Council.  The Clerk will send a copy of the City’s Strategic Capital Improvements Plan to SWIPCO to incorporate into the Development and Needs Assessment Plan. 

Public was present.  Jack Fox asked if the Council intended in charging him for garbage pickup at his business dumpster & his home address, as was discussed by the Mayor at the last Council meeting.  Council members stated at this time they were not interested in changing the method of billing that has been done in the past, therefore as long as he takes his trash to his dumpster he will not be charged at his home for garbage.  Victor Ayers was present to discuss the need for pothole repairs on the City Streets. 

The City Attorney’s opinion was provided to the City Council regarding follow up to Bev Carr’s request to harbor foster pets.  The City attorney stated the keeping of the foster care animal in addition to Carr’s current 2 licensed pets is not permitted under the Code, and did not recommend amending the Code for this request. 

Maintenance Reports were given regarding animal control issues, water improvement project to start very soon, report from Snyder & Associates for E-Coli Disinfection improvements at WWTP, Water Tower re-scheduled to be cleaned on 10/27/09, James Taylor wants to put fence on his property line and property extends out in the alley (alley appears to have drifted south over the years).  City maintenance won’t be able to blade the alley if James Taylor installs the proposed fence on the property line.  Stillinger stated James Taylor would like to have the alley abandoned.  Damgaard stated City Maintenance can fill the potholes on streets in town, there is money in the budget for this. 

Hendricks made a motion to approve application to Iowa Living Roadways Visioning Program and commit to $1,000 local match if accepted into the program, seconded by Weuve – 4 ayes.

There were no motions regarding Ordinance 197 (Amend Chapter 15.04 Mayor Compensation EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2010-2nd Reading).  Therefore the item died due to lack of motion.

Pracht made a motion to approve Resolution 2009-25 (Adopt Rules of Procedure for Conduct of City Council Business), seconded by Weuve.  Roll Call Vote: 4 ayes- Damgaard, Hendricks, Weuve, Pracht.

Hendricks made a motion to approve Resolution 2009-26 (Adopt Revised Water Tower Lease with Future Technologies), seconded by Pracht.  Roll Call Vote: 4 ayes-Damgaard, Hendricks, Pracht, Weuve.

Hendricks made a motion to approve Resolution 2009-27 (Approve Mutual Aid Agreement with Pottawattamie County-Fire & Emergency Services), seconded by Weuve.  Roll Call Vote: 4 ayes-Hendricks, Damgaard, Weuve, Pracht.

Weuve made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda, seconded by Hendricks – 4 ayes.  The consent agenda consisted of 9/14/09 minutes, October Bills, Utility Report, Overtime Report, Community Center Reports, Fire Dept Report, 2008-2009 Annual Financial Report, Sheriff’s Report, Clerk & Treasurer Reports. 

Hendricks made a motion to adjourn at 8:14 PM, seconded by – 4 ayes. 

Attest:           Brianne Duede, City Clerk                                                                                              Bruce Damgaard, Mayor Pro-Tem

City of Carson September 2009 Revenues: General $9,843.83; Road Use $4,807.92; TIF $21,952.22; Debt Service $6,816.45; Water $11,160.05; Sewer $10,622.69; Garbage $5,693.42.  Total Revenues $70,896.58.

City of Carson September 2009 Expenses: General $23,545.76; Road Use $3,477.47; Water $8,742.59; Sewer $6,758.06; Garbage $4,667.53. Total Expenses $47,191.41.