City of Carson

Public Hearing Regarding 2008-2009 Budget

Special City Council Meeting Followed

March 3, 2008

Present: Weuve, Pracht, Riddle, Hendricks Absent: Damgaard

Mayor Taylor opened the public hearing regarding the proposed 2008-2009 Budget at 7:30 PM. Public were present no comments were made. Hendricks made a motion to close the public hearing at 7:31 PM, seconded by Weuve – 4 ayes.

Mayor Taylor called the special council meeting to order at 7:31 PM.

Hendricks made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Weuve – 4 ayes.

Public was present, no comments were made.

Bernie Cerny of MidAmerican Energy presented a street light pole map with two proposed project locations. The proposed project would include possibly running the current overhead power lines underground to each customer service connection. The two proposed locations were at Pleasant and High Street near Oak Street , and the North St/Dye St intersection. Mayor Taylor stated the Council would need to meet with the customers/owners to see what their response would be regarding the proposed project. The Clerk stated that this type of project is identified in the City's Hazard Mitigation Plan and that the State has Hazard Mitigation Grant funds to assist with the cost of this project. No action was taken by Council.

Jeremy Middents of SWIPCO presented a contract for providing administrative assistance for the 2008 Community Needs Assessment Opinion Survey. Mayor Taylor stated that an income questions should be added to the survey for CDBG Grant Application purposes. Hendricks made a motion to approve the SWIPCO contract for administrative services for the 2008 Community Needs Assessment Opinion Survey and to have the income survey included in it, seconded by Weuve – 4 ayes.

Council reviewed the City's draft letter of response to Carroll Tibbles regarding the paving in the Tibbles Subdivision. Mayor Taylor stated that the letter should be modified that the City would consider proceeding with the paving of the subdivision in 09/10 Fiscal Year.

Discussion was held regarding animals running at large within City limits and the current City Code addressing this issue. Another issue that was discussed was that several pet owners in City limits have more than the 2 pets allowed per residential unit. Mayor Taylor stated the City could revise the City Code to allow pet owners to have more than the 2 pets per household but there would be a hefty fee for doing so (example $100-$500 per additional pet). The City Clerk was directed to invite Pottawattamie County Animal control and the City Attorney to the 3/10/08 Council meeting.

Hendricks made a motion to approve Resolution 2008-1 (Approve & Adopt 2008-2009 Budget), seconded by Pracht – 4 ayes.

Riddle made a motion to Resolution 2008-2 (Approve City Clerk to Apply to Pottawattamie Community Networking Grant Program “Promise Partners” for Purposes of Park Improvements), seconded by Hendricks – 4 ayes.

Hendricks made a motion to approve Resolution 2008-3 (Approve Mayor & City Clerk to Submit an Offer to property Owner for Purposes of Park Land Acquisition Contingent on Grant Award, and to Order An Appraisal for Parcel), seconded by Pracht – 3 ayes: Hendricks, Pracht, Weuve. 1 abstain: Riddle. Motion carried.

Riverside School Superintendent Sutton, School Board Members Fox & Beedle, and School staff Mickey was present for the discussion regarding the Proposed School District Facility Plan. Lengthy discussion was held. Mayor Taylor stated he was concerned with who would be responsible for the Carson structure when it is abandoned by the School District . Mayor Taylor stated he would like to see something in writing (motion or resolution) from the School District on their intent for the parcel. Mayor Taylor also stated the school should consider setting aside funding yearly for the removal of the abandoned school structures and work the demolition cost into their future budgets. The City does not want to be left responsible for demolishing the structure, nor does the City wish to see the structure become abandoned and neglected by the School District . Riddle stated if the structure was sold the property would have to be rezoned for the future intended use of the property. Sutton stated that at the last school board meeting the board discussed a plan for the potential future of the structure: 1-they would attempt to sell the structure, 2-they would work with the city for an appropriate use of the structure: after one year of the building being vacant they would then proceed with the demolition. Mayor Taylor asked if the School had put this plan in writing. Jack Fox stated this was only discussed and not formerly adopted. Mayor Taylor stated he would like to see a motion by the board that the above mentioned plan is their intent. Mayor Taylor asked how a future school board would have the funds to demolish the structure, and stated it needs to be planned for. Sutton replied possibly with sales tax dollars.

The City will appoint a City Commissioner to attend school Board Meetings at the March 10, 2008.

Hendricks made a motion to table consideration of Resolution 2008-4 (Approve the Mayor to prepare correspondence to the Riverside School District of the Requirements-Expectations Regarding the Possible Abandonment of the School Facility at 330 Pleasant St.), seconded by Weuve – 4 ayes.

Hendricks made a motion to table further consideration of a payment drop box for the community center until July 2008 (new budget year), seconded by Pracht – 4 ayes.

Pracht made a motion to adjourn at 8:44 PM, seconded by Hendricks – 4 ayes.

Attest: Brianne Duede, City Clerk
Lyndon Taylor, Mayor